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Fix Your Music
Automatically clean up your songs.


TidySongs is an easy and powerful itunes cleaner that will fix any missing or misspelled song details, add album artwork, remove duplicate songs and organize your music.

  • Remove Duplicate Songs

    Even if the songs are misspelled. Keeps the best version.

    Duplicates Screenshot

    TidySongs features a smart duplicate song remover that searches your song library to find duplicates - even duplicates that are spelled differently. Use the options to choose to keep the songs with the higher bitrate or longer length. Simulation mode allows you to test things without accidentally removing songs you want to keep.

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  • Fix Misspelled Song Details

    Corrects misspelled artist names, albums, and song titles.

    Misspelled Screenshot

    Misspelled and missing song details makes your music ugly and impossible to browse on an iPod. TidySongs fixes misspelled and missing artist, album, name, track, year and genre details and renames artists and albums with their correct format (i.e. "Dave Matthews Band" not "Dave Matthews"). This is done automatically - you don't have to type anything.

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  • Fill in Missing Artists, Years and Genres

    Automatically fills in artist, album, year and genre details.

    Missing Screenshot

    Make your song library easier to browse by letting TidySongs automatically fill in the artist, album release year and genre for each song. When fixing songs, you can choose to use information from the original album the song was released on or a compilation or greatest hits. TidySongs keeps your music organized.

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  • Adds Missing Album Artwork

    Large album images added to songs and transferred to iPods.

    Artwork Screenshot

    Make your music look good. TidySongs automatically downloads high resolution album artwork for each of your songs so that it displays on your computer, in iTunes and on your iPod, iPhone, TV or other music player.

    Other programs and websites make you manually find and add each image - TidySongs is automatic.

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  • Automatic! No Typing Necessary!

    Uses an online music database of song information.

    Automatic Screenshot

    How long would it take you to fix all of your songs by hand? What if you had more than 1,000 songs? TidySongs uses a smart online music database with information on more than 4 million songs to automatically download the correct details for each of your songs so you don't have to type it in.

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TidySongs Fact:Smarter Than Other Programs

iTunes and other programs rely on correct information in your songs to work. Not TidySongs. Even if your song names have misspellings or missing info, TidySongs' intelligent database technology will find the matching artwork, remove duplicates and clean things up.


Simple. Powerful. Beautiful.

Our goal was to make everything push-button simple, while giving you complete control over organizing and fixing your music library. And we wanted it to look good.

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What the blogs are saying...




TidySongs can make it a heck of a lot easier to clean-up your iTunes library.


TidySongs literally tidies up your crappy media tags in the songs.


Having TidySongs around to run once a week or so is a lifesaver – no manually hunting for album artwork, or renaming songs – TidySongs does it for you


...Another weapon in a growing arsenal of music library management tools that cater to people who keep their entire music collections in digital format


...Very good software for music lovers.

You should try TidySongs.

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