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Support & FAQs

How long does it take to get an answer from an email?

Kelly, the TidySongs customer support manager, keeps normal business hours of 8-5 Monday through Friday. During business hours she will reply back to your email as soon as possible.

What do I need to run TidySongs?

Currently TidySongs is compatible with MAC and Windows users.

How long does the free trial last? What do I get?

50 songs! The program is fully functioning during the trial period.

How long will it take per song for TidySongs to fix?

It will take about 3-7 seconds to look up each of your songs on a typical broadband connection and 2-3 seconds to fix each song. Our tests show about 85% of your songs will be identified. So, figure, about 10 seconds total for each song.

Who made TidySongs?

TidySongs is a product of Wondershare, LLC a software firm based in Charlottesville, VA. TidySongs was created by the makers of FixTunes.

Why did we create TidySongs?

The makers of TidySongs were tired of having disorganized music and could not find a solution that focused on album details. They wanted an automatic solution to fix misspelled and missing song details, remove duplicates, fill in album artwork and organize an iTunes(r) music library.

How does the Album Cover Art feature work?

Powered by a smart database with information on over 4 million songs and growing TidySongs is the highly detailed automatic solution to your disorganized music.

Where is the image file stored when TidySongs fixes a song?

The image file is embedded inside the song file so that it can be accessed by other music programs.

Can TidySongs fix music I downloaded from the Internet?

Yes. TidySongs can fix any music file that is stored on your computer, regardless of where it came from.

How does TidySongs identify my songs?

TidySongs uses the information already in your file (such as the filename or existing tags) to look up your songs. The identification algorithm is complex and will compensate for missing information and misspellings. TidySongs will extract the information from your songs and submit it to our Identification Server. The server will then return the correct song information, along with an accuracy level for the new information.

Why are some of my songs marked unidentified?

If your songs do not have enough information in them (at least part of the artist name and song title are needed) or if the information is too poor that TidySongs cannot recognize it, a song will be marked unidentified.

What does the “Confidence” value assigned to my songs mean?

Every song that is looked up is given a value of confidence. This describes how close the identified information that TidySongs found comes to the original information in your song file.

What does a confidence value of 99% mean?

TidySongs is almost certain it correctly identified the song and returned the correct information. A value of 10% means the information is most likely incorrect.

How can I get my unidentified songs to be identified?

Usually just adding a few words to the song information will help TidySongs identify it (TidySongs needs at least one correctly spelled word from the artist and song names).

How do I view the Album Art in my song files?

In iTunes, you can view the album art by right-clicking on a song, and selecting “Get Info”. Consult the help files of your music program for more information.

How do I re-fix or un-fix my music after I have already used TidySongs?

You can use TidySongs to fix your music files as often as you want, even after they have been moved to the “Fixed” category. You can also revert back to the original information by editing a song’s details and fixing the song again.

How does TidySongs decide what songs are duplicates and which ones to keep?

When TidySongs is organizing your music, if two songs are given the same filename, they are marked as duplicates. TidySongs will organize and keep the song file with the higher file size.

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